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Distance Learning Support

Since 2009, Ball Tutoring has supported students in various accredited distance learning programs. That’s why we are so well prepared to help any student struggling with Electronic Distance Learning, or EDL. Our EDL tutors know how to take the reins to successfully manage a student’s academic progress through an online modality.

At Ball Tutoring, we oversee student learning through public school EDL, private school EDL and accredited distance learning institutions. We can assist students with academic support throughout the school year: curriculum guidance, unit lessons, and exam administration are a few of the options available for EDL support. Our tutors will ensure all work is completed on time. We are available for study support at the student's home, our office, or another location, depending on the situation.


Due to the challenges of EDL, some families are choosing to group children together into learning pods. This is a great way to provide some modicum of socialization during these isolating times. Pods also provide the opportunity to streamline academic support. We are happy to work with pods to coordinate tutoring, however it is crucial that each student in the pod is a good fit for the group in terms of personality and academic ability. Please note we need a signed Tutoring Payment Agreement for each family in a learning pod. 


For students who need intensive support in all subjects, we find that our tutors work most effectively by scheduling four to six hours per week, per subject. This can vary due to the skills, motivation, and focus of the student, as well as the course load. Reach out to us to learn more how we can make your student's EDL experience successful.